About Us

We have an important mission to make each Member a quality workman by providing them with the most up-to-date training available. We are constantly updating our programs to keep up with the demands of our Employers and the ever changing times. Our goal is to teach you the skills that you will need and use every day in the workplace. In class, you will be able to use the exact tools and specialized equipment that you will encounter on the job site. This will enable you to feel confident on the job knowing you have been provided with the proper skills and training to get the job completed safely and correctly.

With four training centers and a veteran staff of 5 carpenter and millwright professional instructors, it’s clear that the Arkansas/Oklahoma Carpenter Apprenticeship Training & Trust Fund is dedicated to producing the best-trained construction professionals in our region.

From hands-on or theoretical classroom learning in our training centers, to supervised, one-on-one mentoring on a jobsite, our men and women receive training that is in-demand at jobsites throughout our two state jurisdiction.

We focus on skills and safety — which we believe are the keys to a bright future for the men and women who represent the Central South Carpenters and Southern States Millwrights Regional Councils.

Our training is based on a $200 million program developed by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters International Training Fund. With this support, our members obtain highly-developed skills, supply productive and safe work, and display the right attitude to emerge as jobsite leaders.

About Us


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