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Williams Construction Capitalizes on ICRA Awareness Training

Oklahoma-based general contractor Williams Construction is making sure its leadership understands the lengths Union carpenters go thru in order to ensure the best possible labor for occupied healthcare facilities.

Recently, members of the Williams Construction Management Team participated in the Central South Carpenters’ Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) Awareness Course. The course illustrates why and how ICRA protocol must be followed to ensure a safe working environment for the construction team and for the patients and staff at the facility.

“The Williams Construction Management team found the training very beneficial and is looking forward to utilizing the program as an integral part of our current safety protocol in keeping our job sites, employees and clients safe and healthy,” read the Williams Construction’s facebook post about the training. “Thank you Doug Wilkinson and Bryan Spradley from Carpenters Local 943 for presenting this training at our Pryor office.”

The eight-hour course also covers:
  • The differences between positive, equal, and negative air pressure and how air pressure affects contaminants.
  • How airborne contaminants are isolated and controlled.
  • Work practice procedures used in a healthcare facility.
  • Agencies and organizations that oversee healthcare facilities.
  • Different types of barriers and the purpose of each.
  • Methods used for mold remediation.
For more information about the Central South Carpenters’ ICRA program, please visit